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Baqash: Exploring the Old Testament



June 8, 2017
If you do not want to read the whole thing, you can get some details on what this thing is about by listening to our introduction podcast here.
Otherwise, here is our story:  
Scott and Don were part of another podcast that slowly died away as life got in the way and schedules become busy. The prior podcast was good, but we knew there was an element we wanted to talk about that did not work with the earlier format. One fall (or was it winter?) day, Don asked Scott if he would be interested in doing a podcast dedicated to studying the Old Testament. They both thought it would be a great idea and came up with a format they thought might work.  
The goal of the podcast is to explore the Old Testament. We understand how hard it can be to study the ancient books and want to help and encourage others to press through. Actually, the word Baqash is Hebrew for "explore" which is exactly what we want to do.  
The word "explore" means so much more than simply "study". We do not want to study at an academic level just so we know more than the next person about the Bible or the Old Testament. We want to know about the ancient history of Christianity, from its foundations to how it affects us today, on a deeper level. One that impacts our lives. To do that we need to explore the Scriptures. We will be looking to others who have gone before us (through the use of books, audio, and any other good resources we can find) to help us explain and teach some of the more difficult passages of the Bible.  
So, join us! Subscribe to the podcast either here or on iTunes. Leave comments on the episodes. Ask questions. We look forward to exploring with you.  

Don and Scott